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​Who We Are...

GHAR is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to educating and providing forever homes for reptiles. Our organization offers experienced foster homes and veterinary care for reptiles in need.

Interested in adding a reptile to your family? There are a good number of healthy reptiles placed in our foster network just waiting for their forever homes. We also provide services if you should find an abandoned reptile. We predominately work in Atlanta and North Georgia.

All of our members have many years of reptile handling and education experience. Therefore, we also provide education events for a modest fee for summer camps, schools, home schools, daycares, and birthday parties. The fees go directly to helping us care for sick and injured reptiles. Drop us a line at for a quote. 

Pet of the month: Seraph the Snake!

Juvenile/under 1 year old, unknown gender, regular morph Ball Python. Currently, Seraph eats a diet of frozen, thawed hoppers. He would make a great snake for someone who wants to watch their animal grow. As you can see, he is super small but he eats very well. Seraph can come with a 20 gallon tank and lid with a donation (a 20 gallon will be suitable for a while longer as he is a juvenile).

Fostered in Decatur

A bit about our Founders:

Kathy Smith came to the reptile community with an interest in bearded dragons and she most definitely is the mother of all lizards. Kathy has venomous handling training, experience with larger snakes and lizards, and has a passion for rescue. She worked for 10 years with reptile rescue all over the state of Georgia before forming GHAR, and has also been featured on The Weather Channel, "Critter Fixers: Country Vets," and Central Georgia CBS's "Tegu Taskforce." Additionally, her animals have been featured on the FX show, "Atlanta."

Dr. Katie Bell is a teacher by day and a reptile handler by night. She has worked with Bear Hollow Zoo in Athens, Georgia, animal shelters throughout North Georgia, and with larger pet store chains, learning about the most up to date husbandry and working to ensure that reptiles kept as pets get the proper care. Not only does Katie have reptile experience, she also has had training with larger exotic animals and aquatics. There isn't an animal on this earth that doesn't have Katie's admiration. 


Rehome a pet:

Need to re-home your pet reptile? If you find yourself in a position of not being able to care for your pet, the GA Herp Rescue will re-home your pet at no cost to you. Once you have completed the form and emailed it to us, we will work towards finding a foster home for your pet. 

1. Click on the shared file below.
2. Download it and complete it in its entirety (leave no question blank). You will need Adobe Acrobat (the free version is fine). 
3. Look for the arrow button in the right hand corner of the document to download to your computer.
4. Once the document is downloaded, look for the "fill and sign" button on the right hand side of the document.
3. Email it to
4. If you are able to, consider making a donation (through the Donate tab) to help with costs for your animal.


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Public Events:


Fall Festival at Fort Gordon Veterinary Treatment Facility,

Fort Gordon Augusta,

500, N Range Rd, Augusta, GA 30905



Petsmart Adoption Weekend Event,

2150 Paxton Dr SW, Lilburn, GA 30047



Show Me Snakes Reptile & Exotics Show,

Columbia County Expo Center,

212 Partnership Dr. Grovetown, 30813


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