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Adoptable Reptiles

We do not promote the breeding of our reptiles, and as such, we do not guarantee the genders of our adoptable animals. 
All adoption fees are $40 unless specified; leopard geckos are $20.

How adoption works:
1. Fill out an application through
Answer all questions in their entirety, paying special attention to the questions asking about your pet-ready enclosure and the diet you have researched for the animal you want to adopt. 
Once you have submitted your application, email detailed photographs of your enclosure to Reference the adoptable animal's name in the subject line of your email. Please note that no application can be processed without photographic evidence of your enclosure and accessories. Our Rockmart and Decatur locations sometimes have 40, 20 and 10-gallon glass
 tanks that are available for an additional donation--you can inquire about the status via email. However, your application photographs would need to include your accessories (heating/lighting/climbs/substrate) to demonstrate that you have done research on the animal you are hoping to adopt. *Please read our website page “habitat & diet recommendations” before sending the photos to ensure your tank is ready for an adoptable animal. We do not approve applications that do not match the requirements we ask.* 
3. We will review your application and speak with you about any further questions we have.
4. Once you are approved, we will send you information on payment and your additional adoption forms. 

Current Animals Looking for their Forever Homes:


Bronson: suspected male, 5 years old. Bronson eats very well and LOVES hunting his bugs. It is so fun to watch him demonstrate his skills! Bronson is a typical leo in that he does not really like handling, and is therefore more of an observation pet. However, he is super responsive to his foster mom and really enjoys interacting. Bronson can come with a 20-gallon tank and lid with an additional donation.

Pick up in Decatur

image000000 6.jpg

Cal: adult, 2 years old, male, Leopard Gecko. Can you see me? I am hiding amongst the polka dots. My name is Cal, and I am shyer than my foster "brother", Kirby (housed with the same foster but of course not together!), but I am a good eater, and my foster mom thinks I'm sweet. I do have an odd trait: I really love the taste of calcium powder and I will lick it up before eating my meal. 

Pick up in Rockmart, NW Georgia


Maybelle: young adult, Ball Python. Miss Maybelle is a good-sized python but still has growing to do. She/he would do well in a 20-gallon tank for another year or so. Maybelle is currently on a diet of small, frozen-thawed rats. 

Pick up in Augusta


Little Foot: adult, male, Leopard Gecko. Little Foot is a beautiful gecko that loves his superworms. He is great at coming out for dinner time. He did lose his tail with his previous owner, and so had a tail regrowth, but we don't think it takes away from his handsomeness at all! He especially loves to hang out in his climb "hideaway", which allows for him to look out the glass of his enclosure but feel safe. Little Foot can come with a 20 gallon tank for an additional donation.

Pick up in Decatur


Itzy: adult, female, Bearded Dragon. Itzy has a great personality and likes to be held. Digging in her supervised playtime sand (we do not condone putting this in enclosures due to the dangers of eating and impaction). She came through our program once before and was adopted out, but returned to us. Please consider adopting instead of buying to help friends like Itzy find their forever homes!

Pick up in Columbus


Fluffy: adult, 4 years old, male, Bearded Dragon. Fluffy loves to perch and look out the window (where his tank is placed at his foster parents' home). His foster mom has added bee pollen to his salads to entice him to eat a better diet, and it is working! Fluffy came to us having just been fed a diet of freeze-dried bugs (not the nutrition a dragon needs long-term), and so his foster parents have been working with him and noted that bee pollen did the trick! They note he is a sweet and loving boy!

Pick up in Augusta


Otis:  juvenile, approx. 2 years old, suspected male, Russian Tortoise. Otis was found wandering by a member of the public who recognised that he was not a native tortoise. They brought him to our rescue where he has been flourishing with his foster mom's creep (good trivia question: this is the term for a group of tortoises!). Otis is a mover and a shaker and loves to climb.

Pick up in Decatur


Legend: male, 2 years old, Bearded Dragon. Legend's previous owner loved him very much but was battling some health problems and could not longer provide care for him. He is a wonderful dragon who handles well and loves his bugs and salads.
Pick up in Rockmart, NW Georgia


Tails: 1.5 yearold, unknown gender, Madagascar Day Gecko. This species of gecko is definitely hands-off, but they are wonderful observation pets. They do best in taller tanks as they are arboreal. They do need access to some heat and UVB and enjoy a diet of both live bugs and a small amount of Repashy fruit paste (or pieces of fruit).

Pick up in Rockmart, NW Georgia


Leo: adult, Leopard Gecko.

Leo loves to eat and is a healthy adult. For an additional donation, Leo can come with an enclosure from his foster home. If you'd like to use our enclosure, just make sure you show photo evidence of your extra items such as climbs, bowls, hides, and heat sources.

Pick up in Jefferson, near Athens


Scooter:  2 year old, male Bearded Dragon.

 Scooter loves to explore and can climb verticle surfaces! He is not super into handling but will tolerate cuddle time if you reward him with food. Like any animal, handling takes time and patience. 

Pick up in Statesboro.


Milkshake: regular morph, approx. 9 years old Ball Python, gender undetermined at this time. Milkshake's previous owner had her for her entire life and ensured that she was well taken care of. However, he moved and was unable to take her with him--he was so upset about it and asked if we would ensure she found a good forever home. She eats frozen, thawed medium rats every other week. She is easily handleable and we want her to find her forever home soon!

Pick up in Savannah.

image000000 4.jpg

Cinder: adult, 2 years old, female, Bearded Dragon. Why yes, she is a princess! Cindy is a charming lady who lets her foster mom put her in costumes and hats while keeping her ladylike poise. A calm woman of class, she will gladly accompany you on every occasion. Does your dream bearded dragon wear a tiara and attend fancy tea parties? You have found your girl!

Pick up in Rockmart, NW Georgia


Turtle: adult, 7 years old, male, Sulcata Tortoise. Turtle (who is NOT a turtle) was brought to us when his owners could no longer afford his care. These tortoises take very large (and heated in the winter) reinforced outdoor enclosures and Turtle is no exception. He is currently around 50 pounds and will only get bigger!

Pick up in Rockmart, NW Georgia 


Tina: very young, suspected male (Tino?), Leopard Gecko. Tina would make a perfect addition for a home that is looking to watch an animal grow! As she is very young, she will require some patience with interaction. Suspected Jungle or Lavender morph. Her foster home does have a 20-gallon tank that you can use for an additional adoption fee if you so choose.

Pick up in Decatur


Ronnie: 1 year old, undetermined gender, Ball Python. Ronnie is an easily handlable young ball python who is currently on a diet of frozen-thawed fuzzy rats. He would make a great snake for someone wanting to watch their pet grow!

Pick up in Rockmart, NW Georgia


Nendo:  adult, 2 year old male, Leopard Gecko.  Nendo is a handleable leopard gecko (within reason for this species), and is super sweet. He loves to stay in his hide and prefers his meals from a bowl as opposed to hunting.

Pick up in Hampton, south of Atlanta


Amaru: juvenile, 1 and a half years old, unknown gender, regular morph Ball Python. Amaru is used to being handled and is getting a lot of handling experience from her foster family. She/he is very curious when out of her habitat and loves to slither through hair, hoodie pockets, and anything else! She has a good track record of eating with her fosters and had a perfect shed recently as well.

Pick up in Jackson, middle Georgia


Apophis: juvenile/under 4 years old, unknown gender, regular morph Ball Python. Apophis is a very interesting snake but can be a little shy (his namesake is the Egyptian god of Chaos but he behaves himself at home). However, working with these snakes can be very fulfilling as they get to know (and become comfortable with) you. Apophis eats a diet of frozen, thawed small rats. He can come with a 20-gallon tank and lid with a donation (a 20-gallon will be suitable for a while longer as he is a juvenile).

Pick up in Jackson, middle Georgia

image000000 5.jpg

Kirby: young adult, male, Leopard Gecko. Calling all gamers, we've got the lizard for you! Kirby loves to eat (just like his namesake) and is always interested in watching you game. He will gladly climb on top of his hide to see you pull out the blue shell in Mario Cart or to check out the newest addition to your Animal Crossing island. 

Pick up in Rockmart, NW Georgia


Puff:  adult, 3 years old, male, Green Iguana. Puff is a house greater--he loves to watch everything. He is also very fun to watch. He tolerates handling, but with this species, the more you work on it, the better that gets. He will need someone with prior iguana-handling experience. Please make sure that you explain your understanding of what iguanas need in your application and include pictures of an appropriate iguana habitat (iguanas should NOT be kept in glass aquariums). 

Pick up in Rockmart, NW Georgia


Squart: sub-adult, Crested Gecko. Squart is a young male, under a year of age, and still has his tail--it is not uncommon for this species to lose their tail as they age. Crested geckos are arboreal and do not require heat or UV lighting. Please ensure your application includes pictures of a habitat suitable for this species. 

Pick up in Rockmart, NW Georgia


Bonnie Bell: approximately 2 years old, Ball Python. Bonnie is a very sweet snake and tolerates handling well. She is currently on a diet of small frozen/thawed rats and would do well in a 20 gallon tank for a few more years before having to switch up to a 40 gallon. Her foster mother's 3-year-old daughter helps with handling sessions; she'd make a great pet for with a family.

Pick up in Chamblee


Panther: young adult, Ball Python. Panther still has some growing to do, but it is a good size. She/he is currently on a diet of small, frozen, thawed rats and would be happy in a 20-gallon enclosure for another year.

Pick up in Augusta


Yin: juvenile, under 1 year old, Leopard Gecko. Yin is a VERY talented hunter. She is absolutely wonderful to watch but should likely be an observation pet due to her hunting instincts. These are likely due to her having cohabitated with another gecko when she came to us and having to compete for food. Her foster parents have been working with her and will be happy to share some techniques with her forever home. She'd be happy in a 10-gallon tank for another year or so and could come with one (and a heating pad) for an additional donation fee.  

Pick up in Decatur


Lemmy: adult, male, Leopard Gecko. Lemmy is a little shy but very sweet! He loves to hunt his mealworms (in his bowl). He is a lighter morph and so is sensitive to lights. Leopard geckos absorb heat from below, not above, so for Lemmy, it will be important to get the right temperatures from non-light-emitting sources. 

Pick up in Monroe


Lenny: adult, 2 years old, male, Bearded Dragon. Lenny came to us from one of our partner stores, where he had been dropped off by his owner. He was not in great shape at that time and had been kept in an enclosure that was way too small for him, but with some time and attention from his foster mom, he's in great health and loves to eat. He is easily handleable, too.

Pick up in Augusta


Moose:  adult, 3 years old, female, Bearded Dragon. Moose is the sweetest little girl! Moose is an excellent eater and is not picky about insects. She enjoys both superworms and dubias! Moose is on a daily diet of greens and gobbles them up almost immediately. She has become very spoiled with weekly soaks in the bathtub and finds it very relaxing. Moose is feisty and quick when she moves, and we are not sure how much she was handled prior to our foster getting her. She is always so happy when you interact and play with her. She loves to be talked to, and she is extremely nosy and wants to see everything going on around her. Moose will need daily handling to continue this comfort level with her humans.

Pick up in Jackson, middle Georgia


Spyro: sub-adult, male, Leopard Gecko. Spyro is a beautiful leopard gecko and loves to come out for dips in his pool and his bugs!  He came to us with some shed impaction on his eye, but this has cleared up with proper husbandry (please do not submit applications with heat lamps for this reason). As he is young, he still has some growing to do. He eats well!

Pick up in Decatur


Jasper: male, 3 years old, Leopard Gecko. Jasper came to us with extreme shed build-up in his eyes due to heat lamps being used on his enclosure (one of the reasons we ask for these not to be used with leopard geckos). He is doing great with his foster mom and never skips a meal of superworms. He is curious and tolerates short handling sessions well. He is ready for his forever home! Jasper can come with a 20 gallon tank for an additional donation.

Pick up at Bear Creek Nature Center


Loki:  adult, 5 years old, undetermined gender, Ball Python. Loki came from a family that was no longer able to provide for his care, but he is a wonderful snake who loves being handled. He is currently on a diet of medium-frozen, thawed rats twice a month. He would love at least a 40-gallon tank. He has a slight abnormality (a vertebra is out of place) with his spine, which has been checked out by our vet and does not bother his ability to move or climb. His vet records come with his adoption.

Pick up in Decatur

Screen Shot 2023-07-24 at 5.24.25 PM.png

Pascel:  4-years old, female, Veiled Chameleon. Pascel laid a clutch of infertile eggs a few months ago and recovered well. She loves to eat but doesn't like to be held (typical of this species). As an older girl, she is not as active as she once was and should have lots of climbs to help her get around. Her colors are vibrant! Please note that chameleons should be kept in open-air environments and you can see our page "habitat & diet recommendations" for more information. As she is an older chameleon, her adoption fee is reduced. 

Pick up in Atlanta.


Green Bean:  sub-adult, female, Green Iguana. Green Bean is young and handleable. She eats very well and is a beautiful girl. Please make sure that you explain your understanding of what iguanas need in your application and include pictures of an appropriate iguana habitat (iguanas should NOT be kept in glass aquariums). 

Pick up in Rockmart, NW Georgia.


Kelly: sub-adult, female, Leopard Gecko. Kelly has really come out of her shell with her foster parents and will even crawl onto her foster mom's hand when she is cleaning her tank.

Pick up in Sugar Hill


Pandora: adult, approximately 5 years old, Ball Python. Pandora is currently on a diet of frozen-thawed small rats. She does well with handling and would make a great snake for someone who doesn't want to purchase multiple tanks (as she is full grown).

Pick up in Rockmart, NW Georgia


Sobi: adult, unknown gender, Ball Python. Sobi is on a diet of frozen thawed small or medium rats. He would do very well in a 40-gallon tank and is full-grown. Sobi wants to be your one and only noodle! 

Pick up in Rockmart, NW Georgia


Mercury: sub-adult, female, 1 year old, Savannah Monitor. Mercury came to GHAR from someone who purchased her at a reptile shop but then, after one month of ownership, could not provide care, so we took her in. She is Cryptosporidiosis-positive but is currently in good health. This parasite lives in the gut of lizards and can spread to other reptiles very easily; it does NOT, however, spread to mammals. It is important that her owner not keep other reptiles for their safety. This parasite is usually acquired through poor husbandry, but it is important to note that many lizards have this and can live long, healthy lives. She is currently housed in a 40 gallon tank and would be happy in that size for a while. She has been with two foster families since being in our care and both have said what a nice house guest she is! She loves her bugs, and her current foster mom is working on getting her comfortable with handling. Reduced adoption fee for the right home! 

Pick up in Augusta


Captain Barbara: adult, female, 6 years old, Bearded Dragon with MBD. The Captain loves her greens and crickets, which would need to be dusted with calcium w/ vitamin D every day (as well as having her owner make an effort to include calcium-rich foods) to help her maintain her current bone health. She loves looking out the window and snuggling in her foster mom's hair. She tolerates short handling sessions, but this can be moved to longer handling sessions with patience and practice. She would make a great pet for an older child or adult. 

Pick up in Augusta


Zappa:  adult, 4 years old, undetermined gender Ball Python. Zappa is in good health and enjoys being handled. She came to us from her original owner, who had to move out of the country and sadly could not take Zappa with him.

Pick up in Jefferson, near Athens


Lilo: juvenile, female, under 2 years old, Leopard Gecko. Lilo came to us in a tank that was much too large for her (sometimes more space is NOT better when it comes to certain species). Her foster mom is working with her to be comfortable being held (as comfortable as this species can get). Lilo loves her worms and goes to her bowl to wait for her meals.

Pick up in Decatur


Pepper: adult, Leopard Gecko. Pepper loves to eat and is a healthy adult. For an additional donation, Pepper can come with an enclosure from his foster home. If you'd like to use our enclosure, just make sure you show photo evidence of your extra items, such as climbs, bowls, hides, and heat sources.

Pick up in Jefferson, near Athens


Ta'Cala: young adult, Ball Python. Ta'Cala is on a diet of frozen, thawed small rats. She/he would do well in a 20 gallon enclosure for the next year or so and would make a great snake for a family who want to watch their baby grow.

Pick up in Augusta. 


Jimmi Hendrix: adult 5 years old, male, Leopard Gecko. All leos have different personalities and are mainly observation pets, although some tolerate short periods of handling. Jimmi can be seen exploring his enclosure during the day and would make for a good observation pet--his foster mom is working with him and handles him once a week.

Pick up in Augusta

123_1 12.jpeg

Brownie:  sub-adult, 1 year old, Ball Python. Brownie is currently on a diet of frozen/thawed fuzzy rats. She came from having been lost in a car by her previous owner and has been with us for some while to assert she is in good health. She has also been checked by our speciality vet as she exhibits some slight head wobbles and unusual curling when being handled, but the vet stated this was likely due to breeding and that it does not impact her mobility or desire to eat. She has never missed a meal yet! Brownie would be happy in a 20-gallon tank for a good while longer, and can come with is in now for an additional donation. 

Pick up in Brookhaven

Rain:  adult, 3 years old, male, Leopard Gecko. Rain is a great gecko who is easily handled (with supervision), and he loves his bugs and his mossy hide. Rain would love a 20-gallon tank with a heat mat and a thermostat, climbs for exploring and a forever home!

Pick up in Athens

Tomasina (formerly Tommy): adult, female, 5 years old approximately. Tomasina was well taken care of in her previous home, but the owner needed to travel a lot and wanted to make sure Tomasina went to someone who had the time to care for her. She has always had access to good quality UV lighting, the proper diet, beak and nail trims and a tortoise hutch. She does better as a solo tortoise, and would need interaction from her owner daily.

Pick up in Decatur

Leopald:  adult, 6 year old, male, Leopard Gecko. Leopald is a great gecko (he is only middle-aged by gecko standards and so has a lot of spunk left!). He loves to hunt his food and tolerates handling sessions well. 

Pick up in Hampton, South of Atlanta

Momo: adult, female, 5 years old, Leopard Gecko. Momo is a very sweet girl that loves to eat (crickets, superworms, and mealworms are all on the menu), and tolerates her handling time very well. Momo came to her foster family with extreme shed complications but has since had several successful sheds with the help of a humid hide. She hasn't let a couple of missing toes slow her down and still enjoys trying to hunt her food (although tweezers may need to be used for especially tricky 

Pick up in Savannah

Shirley:  adult, 3 years old, Ball Python. Shirley came to us from a police officer who kindly took on her care after Shirley's owner died. While she is a little skittish, she is easily handled once out of her enclosure. She will need some help with shedding as she has had a previous injury to her tail and needs a bit of assistance getting that last piece off. She is currently on a diet of small frozen thawed rats. 

Pick up in Columbus

Whinny: adult, female, Veiled Chameleon. Whinny is a healthy (younger adult) chameleon who enjoys a variety of bugs daily. She also eats greens when mixed in her bug cup. As is typical for this species, she doesn't like to be handled but doesn't shy away from being interacted with in her habitat. Please see our recommendations for chameleon habitats on our page and note that the smallest habitat size should be avoided. 

Pick up in Decatur

Angel: adult, 2 years old, female, Leopard Gecko. Angel came into GHAR with extreme shed build-up all over her body from heat lamps being used on her enclosure. She made a full recovery with her foster mom and is a wonderful gecko! She is on the small side but may still grow more now that she has the proper nutrition. She predominately loves to eat her super worms when it's late in the evening and enjoys the climbs in her tank. We would recommend a 10 gallon tank for Angel for potential adopters, moving up to a 20 gallon tank later on.

Pick up in Decatur

Ringo: adult 5 years old, male, Leopard Gecko. Ringo can also handle short periods of handling and is a cuddler. He has a sweet but shy personality. 

Pick up in Augusta

Momo the snake: very young, undetermined gender, Ball Python. Momo is a tiny python who is currently on frozen, thawed pinkies. So far, he has not missed a meal! He is also easy to handle (not common for such young b.p.s). 

Pick up in Rockmart, NW Georgia,

Sunflower: adult, 4 years old, male, Bearded Dragon. Sunflower is a beautiful dragon with a great personality; he is such a sweetheart. He was rescued by his previous owner, but they were unable to continue caring for him, so he came to GHAR. When he first arrived with us, he was dehydrated and had impacted femoral pores, but he is in great shape now! He loves to climb and hang on his repti-hammock. He has learned to like his greens and veggies as his foster mom has been adding in bee pollen (a great beardie appetite stimulant!). Sunflower can come with his 40 gallon front opening tank for an additional donation.

Pick up in Jefferson, near Athens

Jaws: adult, 3 years old, male, Leopard Gecko. Jaws came to us having been kept on sand and had a bit of an impaction due to that (this is one of the reasons we ask for particular habitats). He is doing great now with his foster and loves to come out at night to hunt his super worms. His foster mom is working with handling him, and he has been doing great--don't be fooled by his name!

Pick up in Sugar Hill

Yoda: adult, male, 3 year old, Bearded Dragon. Yoda (formerly known as Yo-Yo) has a wonderful personality and is easily handleable. He has a sensitive stomach; just like people, reptiles are all different! With any reptile that shows digestive issues, we have them tested for parasites and Yoda is parasite-negative.

Pick up in Rockmart, NW Georgia


Smoochie:  adult, female, Green Iguana. She eats very well and is a beautiful girl. She is not totally comfortable yet with handling but would make a great pet for someone willing to give Smoochie patience and love. Please make sure that you explain your understanding of what iguanas need in your application and include pictures of an appropriate iguana habitat (iguanas should NOT be kept in glass aquariums). 

Pick up in Rockmart, NW Georgia.

grunge 1.jpg

Grunge:  sub-adult, female, Green Iguana. Grunge is young and handleable. She eats very well has the best face! Please make sure that you explain your understanding of what iguanas need in your application and include pictures of an appropriate iguana habitat (iguanas should NOT be kept in glass aquariums). 

Pick up in Rockmart, NW Georgia.


Spaghetti: sub-adult, 1 year old, male, Leopard Gecko with MBD. Bio coming soon!

Pick up in Athens


Kaiju:  adult, 2 years old, male, Blue Tongue Skink: halmahera. This type of BTS is not the standard "northern" type seen in pet stores. They require high humidity (higher than normals) and are not typically friendly. Kaiju needs an owner familiar with this type of BTS and with prior knowledge about what type of enclosure to have ready. Kaiju's foster states he is really fun to watch, and she enjoys having him in her reptile room. His favorite food is snail!

Pick up in Atlanta


Neko:  adult, 3 years old, male, Ball Python. Neko is Japanese for "cat", and she was named by a kind worker at For Pet's Sake who went to buy a used reptile tank, only to find Neko "thrown away" inside. The vet's office gave Neko the once over to make sure he was healthy and he shed and ate there prior to being rehomed with our rescue. He currently eats small/medium frozen thawed rats every other week. He would be best housed in a 40-gallon tank. 

Pick up in Jefferson, near Athens


Penelope:  sub-adult, 6 months of age, Leopard Gecko.  Penelope is very beautiful and would also make a great gecko for someone who wants to watch their pet grow. We have smaller tanks at our Rockmart location for an additional donation. 

Pick up at Bear Creek Nature Center


Squirt:  juvenile, under 6 months, Leopard Gecko. Squirt is a very young (and wiggly!) baby who came to us from a reptile show where she was surrendered. She/he is still too young to gender and will take someone with patience to practice handling. This is not unusual for such a young one! Squirt would be a great gecko for someone who wants to watch their reptile grow. 

Pick up at Bear Creek Nature Center


Lucy:  adult, years of age, suspected male (Lucian?!), Leopard Gecko. "Lucy I'm home!" Lucy is a sweet boy who loves to eat. He would be happy in a 20-gallon tank and can come with a gently used one from the Decatur location for an additional donation.

Pick up in Decatur


Pumpkin:  adult, 3 years of age, suspected female, Leopard Gecko. Pumpkin is actually very easy to handle (with supervision) and she has some amazing colors!

Pick up at Bear Creek Nature Center


Spike: adult, Crested Gecko. This species is more skiddish than terrestrial geckos and handling should be done with caution. Spike likes to watch what’s happening around him in the evenings while climbing his vines. He’s got a very good appetite and enjoys hunting crickets.

Pick up in Columbus


Mushu:  adult, 3 year old female, Bearded Dragon. Her previous owner kept Mushu in excellent health, but she is a little shy. Each dragon is different (just like every animal), so Mushu would do better with an adult owner willing to give her time to get to know them. She does have a slight growth on her lip but it does not cause her any problems. 

Pick up in Rockmart, NW Georgia

123_1 11.jpeg

Samson:  adult, 15 years old, male, Boa. Taking a picture of a boa is a hard thing to do, but Samson has a great personality! He is wonderful with handling and has a good feed response. A boa of Samson's size should be kept in an enclosure at least measuring 6 x 2 x 2. 

Pick up in Rockmart, NW Georgia

Creamsicle:  sub-adult, under 1 year old undetermined gender, Leopard Gecko. Creamsicle came to us from a breeder who noticed issues with her gait. She has done well with her foster mom and enjoys hunting her bugs from a bug-proof bowl (this enables her to catch them more easily). She does have a bit of a wobble, but she is very inquisitive and has grown and never missed a meal since being with her foster mom these past few months.

Pick up in Decatur

Chacha:  adult, 1.5 year old female, Veiled Chameleon. Chacha is a lovely example of a female veiled; she loves to explore her climbs, dig in the bottom of her tank (where her foster keeps some dirt for her in a pot to help with egg laying), and eat her greens and bugs out of a bowl. She also loves her crickets! She is missing two toenails on both of her front feet and was seen by our reptile vet to ensure it wouldn't keep her from being mobile. The vet stated she is ready for her forever home (the toenails may or may not grow back) and will need a habitat that has a lot of climbs to help her from trying to climb the mesh sides. 

Pick up in Johns Creek

Speedy Gonzalez adult, 6 year old female, Leopard Gecko. Speedy lives her name-sake when any cricket is involved. She is a go-getter for crickets! She just laid a clutch of non-fertile eggs with her foster mom and recovered wonderfully.

Pick up in Flowery Branch

Benecio:  sub-adult, 1 year old, male, Leopard Gecko. Benecio does like to be handled and can sit with you out of his tank (with supervision). His foster parents say he is a very sweet little guy who will greet you when he sees you come up to his tank.

Pick up in Augusta

Lauren:  adult, 2 year old female, Bearded Dragon. Lauren is a small dragon with a BIG personality. After she came to GHAR in really bad shape, we were afraid that she wouldn't make it, but she is a fighter and has made a truly incredible recovery. Lauren is extremely active (especially in the summer) and would make a great companion for someone with the time and space to hang out with her regularly. She absolutely loves to run around or snuggle up on the couch with you. Her favorite foods are collard greens, butternut squash with banana and blueberries as a treat. Lauren is atadenovirus-positive, which means she must be an only-bearded dragon. This atadenovirus is very easily transmitted between bearded dragons; however, it is not contagious to humans or other reptiles as each animal species is only susceptible to its own version of the virus. For the most part, Lauren does not have any special care related to this. She needs a soak in a warm bath a few times a week to ensure she stays hydrated and generally does better eating her salads and bugs when hand/tong-fed. She does fine eating from a bowl, but will eat more veggies if you hand feed her one leaf at a time. 

Pick up in Griffin, adoption fee reduced due to her special needs. 

Smaug:  adult, 8 year old male, Leopard Gecko. Ok, so maybe a "dragon" named Smaug is too much for you? No problem! We have a leopard gecko who also secretly hoards treasure...oh wait, no, we weren't supposed to tell you that secret! Gecko Smaug likely dropped his tail at some point in her life (pesky dwarves!), but it has grown back beautifully.

Pick up at Bear Creek Nature Center

Biscuits:  sub-adult, 2 year oldundetermined gender, Ball Python. Biscuits is as sweet as his name-sake! Biscuits was a little shy at first with his foster parents but now loves interaction and is a great eater. Biscuits would be fine in a 20-gallon tank for the next year or so but will need a 40-gallon upgrade in the future. 

Pick up in Rockmart, NW Georgia


Gizmo:  adult, 5-6 years old, male, Leopard Gecko. Gizmo is a little people-shy and takes some time to warm up to new people. He has a regrown tail and has been nicknamed "The Dinner Bell" by his foster parents due to his endless desire for food! He is an all and all goofball who will surely keep you entertained.

Pick up in Flowery Branch


Lucky:  adult, 2 years old, male, Bearded Dragon. We received a call from the manager at the Buckhead Petsmart that a bearded dragon was left outside by their door and needed immediate care. Lucky was in terrible shape: he was not moving and did not appear to have any ability to do so. We worked with him to triage him and he soon (through the care of his foster) was eating on his own. Once he hit that mark, we knew he might stand a chance. He's been checked over by our exotic vet, and his records come with him upon adoption. He has advanced MBD due to not having had proper husbandry and UV lighting as a juvenile, and he will always have bone deformities in his arms. He should have a 40-gallon tank that has lots of areas for him to explore--surprisingly, he loves to move around and climb. He has a lot of energy for life, and we'd love to see him find someone who will give him his forever home. His favorite food is dandelion greens but with some tough love from his foster, he now eats all of his greens daily! 

Pick up in Monroe, adoption fees reduced due to health issues


Prince:  adult, 5-6 years old, undetermined gender, Ball Python. Prince only wants to see you laughing in the purple rain! He would be happy in a 40 gallon tank, but is not quite full grown. He has never missed a meal and loves being handled. 

Pick up in Decatur


Peachy:  adult, 5 years old, female, Bearded Dragon. Peachy came to us without being able to use her back legs. Her previous owners stated she received a burn (likely from incorrect lighting), but we believe the mobility issues are due to MBD. This is sadly common when bearded dragons don't have access to good quality UVB (which is why we do not allow for the coiled bulbs to be used in applications). She gets around fairly well despite this and loves to eat and be held. Due to her disabilities, her adoption fee is reduced. 

Pick up in Rockmart, NW Georgia


Katana:  adult, 8 years old, undetermined gender, Ball Python. Katana came to us from a home where she was well-taken care of, but her owner had to move and was unable to take her with him. She is very easily handled and is very curious about her enclosure. As an older snake, she doesn't need to eat as regularly as a growing, younger one, and she is currently on medium frozen-thawed rats.

Pick up in Decatur


Quin:  sub-adult, 1.5 years old, undetermined gender, Ball Python. Quin is a great snake for an owner who wants to watch their pet grow. She is very small now and would be happy in a 20-gallon tank for a few more years. She is easily handled and eats one frozen-thawed rat pinky every week.

Pick up in Decatur


Ralph:  sub-adult, 5 years old, suspected male, Hermann's Tortoise. Ralph is always ready and waiting for his dinner of greens and squash! He is in great health, and enjoys digging in his tortoise hutch. Any applications for smaller tortoises like Ralph should include a tortoise hutch or table (no glass aquariums), with plenty of substrates to keep in humidity and a high-quality UV/heat light. Please see our habitat page for more specifications. 

Pick up in Decatur

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